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    Ladies Skin Care

    Here is the skin care products and brand you need! I work at Ulta so I have been able to try out many different skin care products. Right now I am LOVING the Truly brand. I have most of their products and have seen results so quickly. There are so many different products for different skin types and what results you want to see. It is an all natural and vegan line to make sure you are not putting any unneeded chemicals into your skin. My favorite products right now from the Truly brand are; The vegan collagen line. I have the facial cleanser and the serum. It has an…

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    Keep your skin glowing during fall/winter!

    It is very hard to keep your skin motorized during the upcoming colder months! With the right products you can keep your skin glowing and moist even when their is no moisture in the air. The right skin care products all depends on your skin type. I will include different products for sensative, dry, and oily skin types. First, we are going to be talking about moisturizers. A great moisturizer for sensative skin is, “The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA”. It is a lightweight product that is also vegan so you know its all natural to avoid irritating your skin. For dry skin, a great product is the Clinique…

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    Hello to all my fellow beauty lovers! I am Karissa Murphy and this blog will be all about makeup, hair, skincare, and all things beauty related. This blog is for anyone that’s interested in the beauty world. I will help give you tips and tricks on how to recreate the current beauty trends! I will post products from drug-store to high-end so any budget can create these looks. I encourage everyone from beginners to experts to view this blog for fun tutorials or ideas to help make you look amazing! Image: Google Images