Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This!

I don’t know about all of you, but as a college student, once the holiday’s start rolling around I feel like I can’t enjoy them. For me it just feels like schoolwork is piled on, and final projects and exams come out of nowhere. On top of that I’m trying to find a way to afford Christmas presents, working, enjoying what I can of the holiday season. Let’s face it…it gets SO OVERWHELMING.

Something that I have talked about before that really helps me is meditation. Now, personally, I find meditating works best for me when I am laying on my back in a dark room, and can really just focus on where my head is at, and get it to a place where I am restful. Once the mind is relaxed, your body will follow.

It honestly all starts with your breathing. I find it best to slowly breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth (simple but impactful). This is the first step to quieting any chatter that is still going on in your mind and brings you to a more logical state, simply because you are only focused on your breath.

When first starting, your mind still tend to wander, but do not worry because it’s normal! If this does happen, just try and focus your mind back and begin again.

Honestly, you don’t even need to worry about meditating for too long either. Something I have learned within my past year of practicing is that most times, only 10-15 minutes is needed! You will still be able to ease your mind and set good habits for yourself.

I have talked about the app Headspace before in previous blogs, and seriously cannot recommend this app enough. It really helps guide you on the right path, and it has become an honest everyday necessity for me. Below I’ve linked a quick video that features Headspace’s founder, Andy Puddicombe, who discusses the benefits of 10 minute mediations. Invest that time in self care and be sure to check it out. Happy meditating!