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Hi everyone and happy Friday! This week we are going to talk about getting back that energy the work week seems to take out of us. Being a college student, I find myself always up late doing homework or working, followed by an early morning which makes it difficult to get through my really busy days. It got to the point where I felt like I could barely pay attention in class, and found myself napping every chance I could get, and would then be up late all over again. It was a vicious cycle, and not only did my grades begin to suffer, but so did my body, which is why I did some research.

I found a yoga practice on Youtube called “Movement Medicine – Energy Practice – Yoga With Adriene” and it honestly worked wonders for me. I try to watch this video every morning to jump start my day and wake me up. You do not need to rush through the poses, and can go as slow as you’d like. It is all about relaxation and preparing yourself for the day. Not only does it open you up physically, but mentally as well. It helped me create a more positive mindset.

My favorite component from this video was the way Adriene coaches you through the practice not only physically, but with your mind as well. It is so important to be in a peaceful and open mental state, especially when you are first starting out your day. Something that she says during the practice is to “be present with what is”. The way that I think about this is to be present in the current moment, and to not worry about outside issues or worries, but to just let go and let a new day begin.

I highly encourage you to take 17 minutes out of your morning and check out this video to conquer your day, you definitely won’t regret it!

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  1. That first paragraph totally described me and how I’ve been feeling lately! I’ve never really tried Yoga, but it seems very relaxing!

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