The Addams Family Musical

The light hang for “The Addams Family Musical” is wrapping up. On to the focus! Below are some pics from the last few days. First, I finished painting the platforming and deck:

ME Mary works with other students on hanging lights on the balcony rail:

A close-up of the floor treatment, with one of the periaktoi bases in place:

Here’s KG basing one of the shutter flats for the upstage flip panels:

The play calls for a chair with a spike popping up through the seat. I finally settled on a simple and reliable lever with a catch. Huzzah for the fulcrum!

Action photo. Megan waits for an electric to fly out while TD Ruth darts off to the side:

I had decided that the banquet scene needed a portrait. Here’s the start. It’s loosely based on one of the family portraits seen in an original Charles Addams cartoon:

Megan, ripping narrow pieces of wood:

One of my projects on Thursday was to start blazing through paint treatments. Did four of these vine flats:

Ruth assigned the students in the Technical Direction class projects for the show. Alden is engineering and building the wagon that carries the portrait. Here he is, installing rather beefy jacks on the back of the finished portrait:

I dug out a decent chandelier from storage. Here’s Nick showing me that it does indeed work:

And finally, here’s Megan again, working on the frames for the periaktoi units:


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