The Addams Family Musical

Well, “The Addams Family Musical” opened yesterday, first with the well-attended student matinee, and then the well-attended evening performance. The afternoon was spent working on the set, as I had fallen ill the previous week and a number of things had be abandoned or re-addressed.

I designed scenery. Lighting was by student Nick Sole. Costumes by Tracey Lyons. Props by Siena LoMastro and Jamie Love. Sound designed by Hans Pregler. Music Direction by Dr. Bob Gehrenbeck. Stage manager, Alex Carey. TD., Ruth Conrad-Proulx. My assistant was Abby Lezama-Smith.

To start off with, here’s stage manager Alex heading to the tech table at Sunday’s dress rehearsal.

A pic from the run. Pugsley and Wednesday in the playroom. The ancestors have brought along happy singing birds and butterflies.

Wednesday’s love interest and family arrive, surrounded by ancestors:

A close-up of the love interest’s family with Lurch in front of a family portrait:

What with illness and the set’s state of completion, I didn’t get much in the way of photos at the final dress. Here, though, is a pic of the stage under worklights this afternoon, with the banquet table set up (the yellow stanchions are there to prevent folks from falling into the pit during the day. . . .)

Issues still arise, though. Here’s Megan from earlier today putting some beefier casters on Pugsley’s bed unit:

A few detail images. First, one of the gravestones. Stage management requested that they be part of the joke, so this one conflates Alex’s and Megan’s names:

A close up of the foliage side of one of the flip panels:

The interior side of one of the periaktoi (the sconces were one of the things that had to get cut. Sigh.).

The exterior side of one of the periaktoi. In my rush to get them done Tuesday afternoon, I made the shutters too long. On the other hand, since the flat frame wasn’t built with members to support the exterior elements the window sill ended up on top of the bottom of the window, which left a gap in which to slide the shutters. . .

And then a tour of the backstage, taking photos of elements in the half-light. The students in the technical direction class were each assigned projects on the show. Abby engineered and built the rack:

Alden did the portrait wagon (with frame):

Michelle did Pugsley’s bed unit. It’s on it’s back in this image since Megan was replacing the casters:

I painted the signs that hang above Pugsley’s bed:

I engineered the heretic chair, and then Abby finished it off with panels and paint:

And finally, Grandma’s poison cart, a repurposed drinks trolley that Jamie and Siena filled with stuff.

And now, it’s time to start working on Miss Lulu Betts while the costume shop gears up for Dancescapes.

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