The Addams Family Musical and Advanced Design Seminar

On “The Addams Family Musical,” the platforms are all in place and primed. The other day I got base coats on a couple of them (the yellow). I plan to hit the rest today. We’ve also been getting lights hung.

Student ME Mary’s not holding her head in terror — just thinking about what she needs to do next. . .

KG and I started in on painting facing yesterday:

Megan worked on the periaktoi bases:

Here’s Faith helping props manager Siena on the apparently delightful task of adding wings to birds:

This morning, in Advanced Design Seminar, we continued on two tracks. Part of the class went into the costume shop to work on flat patterning, and part remained in the design class room to work on Vectorworks. Here’s the flat patterning group, with Marshall explaining things (I believe darts and hiding darts was on the agenda for the day. . . ):

And here’s Nicolas, Megan, and Alden working through Vectorworks exercises. Today was about layout and line weight.

And as long as I was in the costume shop getting photos of class, here are some of the costume pieces for “The Addams Family” currently under construction:

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