Twelfth Night

We’re a week from dry tech. Focus starts tomorrow! Here are some photos from the past few days of work on “Twelfth Night!”

First, the platforms have all been put into place, and here’s a pic of the electrics crew wrapping up hanging and circuiting the overstage battens:

Our guest designer is using all of our automated fixtures, which means they’ve required some long overdue checkups. Here’s student ME Nick doing some trouble shooting on the iris of one of the Autoyokes.

Sharva, one of the Intro students, looks very happy to throwing a quick coat of primer down to prevent the new masonite from being a slip hazard:

Megan, the student scenic designer, gave me two images of the mountain groundrow and asked me to combine them. Here are my first experiments:

After consulting some of my watercolor technique books, I tried again, and came up with something that worked better. Megan said to go with this approach:

I popped in this earlier morning to prime the deck and platforms. During shop hours I was able to lay in the blue ‘water’ area as per Megan’s instructions (she was at class this afternoon):

And then finally, since we are heading into focus, the tech tables need to get set up. Here’s Nick working with Harry and Jeremy on disconnecting the lighting control console to move it down to the table:

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