Twelfth Night and The Addams Family Musical

Construction continues on “Twelfth Night,” (student scenic designer Megan Grove) and not only are platforms are starting to go into place, but the light hang has begun. We have a guest LD for this show: Noele Stollmack.

Here’s Michelle (who is also the SM for the production) consulting the plot with a practicum student:

In the shop, framing the big hexagonal platform wraps up:

And a bit later, Kory finishes fastening down the lid to the hex platform (though I think Kory’s lower back will not be pleased. . .):

A bit later, in the theatre, Abby works on framing up the groundrow of mountains:

While Mary measures and cuts lumber for the next groundrow pieces:

In other news, I’ve got a rough preliminary model of the Addams Family Musical put together. The director (Bruce Cohen) and the choreographer (Piper Hayes) have both taken a took at it, said yes, so I’m now working up a draft of the groundplan and figuring out all the bits and pieces that will be needed for the various scenes.

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