Intro to Theatrical Design

Hard to believe we’re two thirds of the way through the Fall semester! Still, that means it’s time to present the final scenic design projects for Intro to Theatrical Design!

In the five weeks we work on scenic design in the class, the students analyze a script, do scenic breakdowns, work up a design metaphor, gather visual research, create a groundplan, and build an experimental white model. All this work was presented this morning.

Here are some photos of the students pinning their work to the hallways bulletin boards, in preparation of their presentations:

The big pile of furniture and props at the end of the hallway there belong to “Resort 76.” We’re waiting to hear back from KCACTF on whether we’ll be invited to present at January’s festival, and since we don’t have our store rooms back on-line (because of the print room expansion project) there’s not much any other place to keep things. . .

Next week, we dive into lighting design!

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