Twelfth Night and The Addams Family Musical

“Resort 76” had a successful run; two high school matinees as well as an extra weekend matinee brought us three more performances than our normal schedule does. It’s been struck, the scaffolding returned, and all the bits and pieces are waiting until we hear whether the production is to be invited to the January KCACTF Region 3 festival.

So now it’s time to turn to “Twelfth Night.” Senior Megan Grove is designing the scenery. Below are her groundplan and an elevation of the Sketchup model:

Megan has chosen to draft in AutoCAD, which means she’s been working with our TD, Ruth, on learning that program.

In the shop, platforms are getting legged up. Here’s Intro student Savannah working with KG:

And then Megan herself framing up a triangular platform:

I get to spend some time in my office working on “The Addams Family Musical.” We’ve discussed the option of having the orchestra on stage, but since there’s a lot of percussion (as well as 16-18 musicians) it looks like they’ll have to be in the pit; this means we lose the option of having a stairway into the trap room. Ah well. We also toyed with the idea of smart caster rotating wagons:

But Bruce Cohen, the director, decided he wasn’t too keen on that and wished to go back to platformed levels. In Intro to Design the other day, one of the students brought up periaktoi as a method to alter a stage environment. Today I thought, hey, periaktoi! We get some movement, we can shift from interior to exterior to park to graveyard with relative simplicity. . . so I worked up a version with platforming and periaktoi:

I ran it past Bruce and our choreographer, Piper, and they both said to run with it.


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