Twelfth Night

In the third week of classes! The scaffold for Resort 76 arrives today — or rather already arrived this morning before we were ready for it. They’re coming back when the shop is open and we have the students to help unload the truck (thanks to the folks at Brand-Safway for being so accommodating throughout this whole process!).

Student scenic designer Megan is busy working on the design for the upcoming Twelfth Night. We met this morning to discuss her progress. The director, Sara Griffin, happened to pass by, heard us chatting, and joined us, which meant that many many questions were answered on the spot.

This afternoon I have a meeting with student Resort 76 co-LDs Abby and Nick on finalizing the plot. Even though the hang is scheduled to begin today, they still need a bit of time to be students and engage the learning process. Two and a half weeks into the semester, remember? Still, there’s enough information that the student ME (Harry, on his first ME assignment) can begin pulling equipment and getting prepped.


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