Resort 76

Since May, we’ve been working on designs for a production of Shimon Wencelberg’s “Resort 76.” Now that school has started, we’re plunging right into rehearsals. Since May and during the summer, I’ve been working on the set design, and coordinating with a scaffold company on all the bits we’ll need.

Bruce Cohen, the director, is going for an immersive experience for the audience, so we’ve pulled the seating into the middle of the space and surrounded the audience with the action. We’re collaborating with the music and art departments on projections and soundscaping.

Here’s an early preliminary sketch of the center section:

And a work up in Sketchup to plan with the scaffolding company:

With the various levels that the scaffolding provides, it was important to put together a model to have in rehearsal. We’ll also be using it to guide the assembly of the scaffold once it’s delivered.

And here’s the model in its state of completion for first rehearsal.

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