Resort 76

The scaffolding is here! The scaffolding is here!

Because our loading dock is ground level and the Brand-Safway truck was not, we weren’t able to just wheel it all into the shop with some palette jacks. It took us about an hour and a quarter to offload it all into the Hicklin Theatre. Have to remember that if the production gets selected to travel to KCACTF in January. . .

Before the scaffolding can go up, lights need to get hung.

Here’s a pic of student SM Alex chatting with co-LDs Nick and Abby.

I spent time, as I often do, painting. Some of the window frames got primed yesterday. . .

. . . so I finished priming them today.

Since the walls behind the scaffolding will be hung with distressed panels of fabric, we’ve been hunting down old muslin, as well as ripping it off old stock flats. I’m spraying down the backs and will rip, tear, and then attach to battens. Here’s a batch drying on the floor in the Barnett.

It’s two and a half weeks into classes and construction is apparently now done. We just have to put everything back together now, which will take time. The shop is almost back in working order. . .

We’re supposed to get the new shelving for costume and props in about two months, and then we can start putting those spaces back together. Good times.

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