Come Back and Nate the Dragon

Now that classes are in full swing, the shops are open and forging ahead on both “Come Back,” and “Nate the Dragon.”

Here are some of the tree flats for “Come Back,” set on the Barnett stage. The next step will be to cover them with muslin.

All these trees, are of course, cut out by hand in the scene shop. In our program, the students of Introduction to Theatre work in the shop as the lab component of the class. That means there are lots of new names and faces to learn, so I’m not going to name anyone in the photos at this point. . .

. . . though here is Technical Director Steve Chene working with a student on framing out one of the tree flats.

Down in the costume shop, students are working on “Nate the Dragon,” which will be presented with puppets.

That’s costume shop supervisor and “Nate” costume designer Tracey Lyons smiling there in the background.

They do have fun down in the costume shop.