Come Back

Light hang for “Come Back” begins today (designed by student Jayson Winslow). Here is the lighting crew contemplating something, with TA Thad atop the ladder.

It turns out it takes three electricians to move one of our new, heavier speakers.

Here are the deck pieces, sitting against the wall in the Hicklin, ready to be assembled.

In the shop, students cut out the tree shapes. . .

Then muslin is glued to the tree flats with wheat paste. Here is Allison carefully laying out the wet fabric.

And below, one of the Introduction to Theatre students trims the edge of the trees once the flats are dry.

Some of the flats are rather large, and here Thomas, Quinn, Katie, Allison, and Bruce move a covered flat out into the sun to dry.

Here Bruce is doubling checking the edges to make sure the breeze hasn’t uncovered edges that haven’t adhered. We probably won’t get too many more warm sunny days. . .