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This week the articles really focus on the social media outlet of Facebook. The articles talk about Facebook is either making us lonely or not making us lonely. Some of the other articles talk about intimacy and identity through Facebook. The last one talks about modern media employers and how the application and hiring process is completely different now that back then. In my opinion I don’t think Facebook makes us lonely at all, we talked in class about how people will post or message someone and if they don’t get a response on a post or a message back then they think they aren’t important or left out of things. I think for me though I never feel lonely because people aren’t talking to me on social media or commenting on a post I make. I think people that rely on social media and responses from the media they are a more lonely or introverted person in person. For me if I message people and I don’t get a response I just talk to my friends in person and go on about my day. I never get lonely about people not talking to me on social media. I believe that people should be expressing themselves on social media but also trying to get out of their comfort zone in the real world. I use to be an introverted person growing up and very on my own and personal about everything. Once I hit college it was so easy to make friends and talk to people that I never really would talk to because they are more “popular” than me. I feel like social media is making it easier in a way to keep privacy of some topics and things in your personal life more secret but then again anything on the internet is view-able if you try hard enough. Identity is an interesting topic when it comes to Facebook and social media because the show Cat Fish really brings out the topic of people making themselves look better or play a certain type of person to get people to like them more. Cat Fishing is an easy way for people that don’t really feel like they’re good enough to find someone so they have to make themselves look better online. The last article in my opinion and my spin on it is a rather interesting thing. People don’t really take into account that anyone can see what you post and especially people that are hiring top level jobs. Why hire someone who post them partying all the time and post them doing drugs and drinking all the time. If you post certain things online people won’t hire you because you don’t seem like you would be committed to keeping a higher end job. all the articles were great and I tried to add my own thoughts on the articles and tried to put my knowledge that I have in the posts.

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