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Blog post 7 Research paper

The paper is going ok right now. finding sources is becoming a challenge and finding good sources that is. Most of the sources have good information but I have to make sure that the information is legit and not false information. My topic being how has youtube and twitch changed the way we view media. I am narrowing it down to how many people change from tv to another form of platform like youtube or twitch. This topic really interest me because I went from watching a lot of tv to watching internet personalities play video games. I find watching video games and watching people enjoy something that I enjoy is really what I love about these 2 platforms.

Research paper

I will be looking at how Twitch has changed the way people consume media. The gaming industry has blown up recently and with twitch being a popular outlet it makes people want to stream even more. For example one of the most famous streamers right now makes around 300,000$ just playing games on a streaming service. Most of the streamers within the site are small but thousands of people a day stream their game play for anyone to watch. For me I watch a lot of gaming stuff so everything I watch is on YouTube and twitch because it’s more entertaining than watching TV for me. I want to know how many people have switched from TV to an online streaming platform like twitch. I am curious if people who watch twitch more want to watch TV or not really. I am curious to see the numbers of twitch viewers in the last few years. My group helped and gave me good feedback to help me narrow down what topic I want to specifically talk about.