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The 2 articles that really sparked my interest was the Google makes us stupid and Internet makes us smarter. I feel like its a really big toss up because the fact that everyone can search anything at any time during the day. Internet can make anyone more of an expert in a field just because they can google things and gain more knowledge. I don’t necessarily think google makes us stupid but I think it makes us not as knowledgeable on simple topics just because we can google it. You could say the same thing for really hard topics just because you can google everything and know everything on a topic just because you searched info. I think google and the internet can help us understand topics for research because I have written many papers on information that I knew nothing about. Being able to say google an address has saved me so many times in my life it is ridiculous. No matter what you say you will always have those people that just think kids don’t know anything because they can just google anything which is true but then there is some of us that really use google when we need it because we don’t know where we are or just don’t know what a topic is. I think internet and google is an amazing advancement for us as a society and yet people abuse them but in the long run I think it helps everyone out.

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