Future of reputation

The Future of reputation is a great article that talks about someone that ended up on the wrong side of the social media. The article talks about a person that doesn’t pick up their dogs left overs and it went viral on social media. Social media is an amazing thing that has happened in the last 15 or 20 years. The down side to it is that no matter what happens and no matter what you post someone can find it and someone can share it all over. Social media isn’t always safe and even though you “deleted” it, it doesn’t matter cause someone somehow will find it and share it. One of the biggest things that happens to celebrities is the nude scandals and some of the biggest stars had them leaked and it just goes to show you that no matter what you keep private or send to maybe one person someone will find it and spread it everywhere. People don’t understand that everything can be found and one picture can be spread around the world. The social media world is a very vast and very diverse place. New social media pages pop up all over the place all the time. The internet as a teenager especially for me was a place to express my opinion and wouldn’t really care about what I said or looked up. My mom talked to me about how she would look at people’s Facebook’s before she would hire them for a job. She would say “why pick a person that looks like they party every weekend and do drugs?”. Teenagers just don’t understand that people can find anything and employers can find anything about anyone. So why post things that could hurt your future?? Well teenagers just don’t understand that the post can influence their lives and hinder their futures. The Norm about these situations is just that people pick up their dogs poop and people are starting to become more weary of these things and one people go away from these you can tell that people don’t appreciate it and don’t like that change.

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