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Both readings had a very interesting take on technology and social media that I never really thought about. Technology and social media are an amazing way to spread yourself across the world. The first article talks about how 2 people met online and shared similar interest. They eventually started dating but they never even met in person until later on in their relationship. Most people that start a new relationship go to pubs or a club and meet people but since the invention or certain sites and pages you can meet people from anywhere. These 2 people fell in love without ever meeting each other in person, what was strange about their relationship is that they would send pictures and actual mail to one another. Of course nothing last forever and they had a falling out and ended up breaking up but then the main person met another person from Australia.

The next article is talking about theft of a cell phone that at the time was a rather expensive piece of technology. The sidekick at the time was a revolutionary phone and it made the phone industry change. The phone was a bigger screen and it had a keypad with it. You would just flip the screen and the keyboard would show and you would be able to type on it. The article talks about how theft of technology is a growing issues and can be very expensive for some people. They made a page for the phone and talked about it on the internet and eventually it gained so much popularity that it got to the police. The police got involved and tried to find the culprit that stole the phone. Especially now days when phones and technology is getting into the thousands of dollars technology is very intimate to a person and almost a necessity. A great thing about technology now is that almost everything has some sort of tracking device within the device itself.

Both articles were great and showed different sides to technology and social media. With one bringing 2 people together and the other one finding a lost device. 

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