Preparation for Sectionals

This Friday I will be competing against a lot of players from different colleges around the country. Over the weekend I went and had a lesson and I am throwing it better than I have ever thrown it. Then I practiced last night and still I am throwing it rather well. Wednesday I will have my final practice session before I head out with my teammate to bowl on Friday. We leave Thursday night and are going to stay at a hotel.

Singles Sectionals is really hard because you have the best bowlers from around the country from different colleges competing in one spot. They take the top whatever number and then the top bowlers from each sectional bowl at nationals for a national title.

I am excited and nervous to compete like always but more excited than anything. I can’t wait to bowl just because I am confident and feel really great about my game right now and where it is heading. The balls of choice that are going with me are my Paradox Black, Kinetic Ruby, Spoiler, Verdict Pearl and my spare ball. I believe this line up is the best line up for me and the best ball motion for any pattern we are going to bowl on. Tune into this Saturday to hear my result as well as all my teammates to see how we all did.