Motivation to bowl

The motivation to bowl right now is just non existent at this point in time. The school work is piling up right now and trying to find time to practice is becoming a challenge. Most of the time I have so much homework and projects going on that it is becoming harder and harder to manage all of it. Especially since finals are right around the corner its even harder. Trying to finish papers and projects to find time is starting to stress me out even more.

I probably wont be bowling until I get done with finals so the next couple posts will be more about bowling information and bowling news in the bowling world. I will have a very good topic to talk about the next post about the changes in legal amounts of top weight and weight holes. The USBC has made a lot of rule changes to the bowling industry and most people have a lot of comments about the new rules that are changing in 2020. The changed the legal top weight to be 3oz instead of 1oz and then they changed the weight hole. They are eliminating the weight hole and making it illegal to have on equipment.

tune in next post to hear about my thoughts and a little more information on the other rules as well.