Long, Medium and Short Patterns

Long patterns tend to be around 43 ft – 50 ft

Medium patterns are around 38-42 ft

Short is around 37 ft and shorter

you can use just about any style and type of ball on any pattern it just depends on the layout and surface of the ball. More importantly it all matters on when you try to use this type of ball you’re choosing. Generally like I said in a previous post you would really want to start with something solid on most patterns to start because it will be the most consistent for the longest. The thing that matters the most with bowling balls is surface. For me I tend to use a really low grit on a bowling ball like 500 grit on longer patterns because the ball won’t hook as much so putting it at a lower surface will get it to start earlier. For medium patterns I tend to use a 1000 grit pad on a ball and try to control the pattern as much as I can. If I use urethane on short then I will put at least 500 grit on a ball. If I don’t use urethane my surfaces change depending on the strength of the ball.

Knowing what balls work well on each pattern is the key to success and if something just doesn’t look right being able to adjust your release or even your surface if you can will make you a better bowler. Finding the right surfaces for certain balls is all the battle in bowling. A bowling balls reaction is largely based on what surface you have on a ball. Tune in next week to learn something new about bowling.