Video games

Video games sometimes can have super cool soundtracks. I know that sometimes a soundtrack can make or break a video game.

I want to talk about some video game soundtracks that I feel do a good job at helping the video game become what it is.

One of the first ones I want to talk about is Undertale. Toby Fox did an amazing job at the soundtrack for Undertale. I feel like each character, each setting, each event has its own song, and since you get to know the characters pretty well, having a track for almost each one can help understand them even better.

Another video game that I like that I feel has a good soundtrack is Sally Face. Sally Face is kind of a darker game, and I feel like the soundtrack really puts the user in a certain mood before playing it. I think that many of the users that have played this game will also agree on that.

The last game I want to talk about is Night in the Woods. I feel like the soundtrack for this game is similar to Undertale in the fact that the songs help you understand each character, and event that is going on in the game.

Overall soundtracks for games make me excited. I like listening to them as I’m studying or even writing blog posts because typically there aren’t many words, so it gives me something to listen to without getting distracted.

I would definitely recommend listening to each of the soundtracks mentioned above, the are all fairly different, but all still have good quality songs.

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