Music and mental health

Mental health is something that is important to me. Having dealt with certain mental health issues throughout my life, I’ve always turned towards music as a form of coping.

Music can help, not only because you can relate to it, but sometimes music can say what you can’t. Expressing yourself through music is something that many people do, whether it is listening to music, playing music, performing, or even just learning about music.

Artists will often times get letters from their fans with them describing how their music has helped them. There are many people which believe that their music has “saved them,” which I believe isn’t the case, but I will go into some point later (insert shameless plug here). I think that it’s so cool to have such an influence on such a great number of people who all can take one song and relate it back to their lives. Everyone goes through different experiences and music can help people understand others better.

I’ve been to countless concerts, and the one thing that always stands out to me is how emotional some people can get during certain songs. I believe that one of the hardest things to do is to be empathetic and compassionate with others. Writing music and showing those who may be going through similar situations that they aren’t alone through their dream is something that one could only imagine doing.

A playlist for this week that I have is a playlist that I like to listen to whenever I’m feeling particularly down. It doesn’t really help that the majority of the songs are moody as hell. The majority of these songs are pop punk, which is one of my favorite genres of music.

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