Songs to fight zombies to

It’s funny how certain songs can make you feel a certain way. Being motivated by music is something that happens very often. There are definitely some songs that I listen to and I immediately want to do something like fight zombies (Radioactive by Imagine Dragons anyone?) or you know, normal people things like working out.

Listening to music while doing certain activities can inspire many people to work harder and be more motivated. When I get motivated by songs, it’s usually something that can easily get me energized.

When I listen to rock and heavy metal, those songs tend to get me excited, and make it easier to do things that I may need a lot of energy for. I tend to listen to acoustic songs or classical music when I’m trying to sleep.

When you listen to music to try and assist you in doing a certain activity, it’s because it stimulates your brain to tune everything else out but the music and what you’re trying to do. Michael Phelps likes to listen to music whenever he works out because he focuses on his workout more rather than getting distracted by others.

An update on my blog as well:
Once a week I plan on uploading a post with a playlist, and then on the other day that I post, I plan on putting in the songs that I’ve been listening to lately. That way each post, you can get a taste of the type of music that I like.

Here is a playlist that I’ve created that I like to workout to or fight zombies to, you know, whichever you prefer.



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