D2L “Starter Course v2.2” Available

Streamline your D2L course development process by using templates and resources provided in the D2L “Starter Course.”  Developed as a means to give instructors access to a number of useful templates and other resources, the Starter Course allows instructors to copy D2L components into their course and then modify for their own use.  In addition, many of the resources and templates now also help courses meet Quality Matters standards for online and blended courses.  Now in version 2.2, the course has been reformatted in the new D2L page design and content has been updated.  Examples of “Starter Course” components include the following items:

  • Time-saving templates: easy to edit electronic D2L rubrics, activities, assignments, topic overviews, discussion starters, and more.
  • Student resources: useful information on Turnitin Suite (plagiarism and GradeMark), “clickers” (student response devices), D2L assistance, technology help, and standard university policies.
  • Quizzes: help students prepare to use LockDown Browser, to find out “Are You Ready for Online?”, and to learn helpful tips and success strategies.
  • A mid-course student evaluation survey:  gauge whether the course is meeting your (and your students’) expectations.

To access and register for the D2L Starter Course, login to D2L and click on the Register for Starter Course button under the Instructor Resources widget. Then, click on the Register button to complete the process.  Once you have registered, you will see the course appear within your “instructor tab” in the folder titled “OTHER-Courses With no Semester.”

Please remember that “Starter Course” resources are used by instructors across campus. Please only copy items (do not edit any of the items) found in the original D2L Starter course!  Thank you!

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