Is Simone Biles capable of a comeback!?

     Can Simone Biles pull off another round of her amazing performances in the 2020 Olympics? We will have to wait and see come the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

During the 2016 summer Olympics, hosted in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil., powerhouse gymnast Simone Biles lead the American gymnasts to success in the team all-around competition. Not only that, but the then 19-year old also went on to win a bronze medal on beam, a gold medal on floor, a gold medal on vault, and a gold medal in the individual all-around.

After her amazing success at the Olympics, Simone was a part of the gymnastics Olympics tour, performing her routines with other Olympic gymnasts, traveling from city to city. After being done with the Olympic tour, Simone took a break from gymnastics (which was well deserved), and ventured onto things that weren’t gymnastics oriented. One major thing she was apart of was the show Dancing with The Stars. Even though she did not win the competition, she placed third overall, proving her dancing skills were just as up to par as her gymnastics skills.
After a little over a year off gymnastics, the gymnast is making her comeback. In August, she began to start playing around in the gym, stating she needed to see how her body responded before deciding whether she was mentally and physically prepared for the task of training. Her decision was evident when she tweeted a couple of days ago…” Can’t believe I start gym this week”. The gymnast will start her new training regiment at the World Champions Gymnastics Center, a gym that was built by her parents for her a couple of years prior to the 2016 Olympics. Her former coach, Aimme Boorman, will not be continuing to coach Simone due to moving to Florida. Simone has hired two new coaches Laurent Landi and Cecil Landi who have worked with many successful gymnasts.

Many people question whether Simone will be able to repeat what she did in the 2016 Olympics. It’s always been known in the gymnastics world that it is hard to go back and train for the Olympics again you’ve already been there and prospered. Some do make it back to the Olympics, but in most cases, they don’t do as well as they did before. It will be interesting to see how Simone’s training goes as well as her connection with her new coaches. Personally, I believe that a combination of training hard, having a good connection with her coaches, and her natural talent will lead her back to success in the 2020 Olympics.


The Gators “chomp into” the Sooners!!

It’s a victory! In a turn of events, No. 5 in the nation, the Florida Gators, came out with a victory over No. 1 in the nation,  the Oklahoma Sooners. The meet was a nail biter, and so far, the most memorable meet of the year in the college gymnastics world.

One individual that stood out on the Florida Gators, was Alex McCmurtry. The senior out of Virginia, was able to achieve two perfect 10.0 scores, taking the first-place title on beam and on vault. Her beam score for this meet was able to complete her “Gym Slam”, as she now is joining a former gymnast of the Gators, Bridget Sloan, as another gymnast to earn a perfect 10 on each event.

Another individual that stood out within the meet was Maggie Nichols (whom also earned a gym slam last year). The sophomore out of Minnesota, took the all-around win with a total of 39.775, and the uneven bar win with a 9.975.

At the beginning of the meet, the Gators trailed by 0.025 after the first rotation and OU pushed ahead,  leading by a tenth after the second rotation. After a new school balance beam record for the Florida Gators, the two teams were tied going into the final event rotation.

In the final rotation, Oklahoma had finished all their beam routines and Florida needed at least a 9.9 from their last competing gymnast, freshman Alyssa Baumann, to tie up the score for the meet. Fortunately for the Gators, Baumann landed all her passes and was able to get a 9.925, leading the Florida Gators to take victory over the Sooners. After flashing the final floor score, the Gators jumped up and down in the middle of the floor waving to the crowd and doing the famous “gator chomp”.

I personally got to see Baumann’s floor routine, and although she made all her passes, I did not think she deserved a 9,925. Some of her landings were sloppy, causing her feet to move a lot. Additionally,  on most of her passes, she ended with her chest down (you’re supposed to end with your chest up). With all the little mistakes that I saw in her routine, I think that she should’ve gotten a 9.7 or a 9.775, which would’ve caused the gators to lose the meet. I think the judges were very biased when judging her floor routine, they wanted the Gators to win, so they gave her the score she needed. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Oklahoma is very overrated due to the fact that they always win. It’s definitely nice to see when other teams beat OU, but in this case, Florida should not have won the meet. For those of you that saw the meet, what did you think of it?


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