Week 2/24/2019

Scores from February 27, 28 and March 1, 2. This will keep you updated on what happened with the Brewers, Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers and Marquette Golden Eagles. Click more to see what has happened!


Marquette’s Mens basketball team fell short to Villanova 61-67. M. Howard lead the Golden Eagles with 25 point, S. Hauser lead them with 7 rebounds and M. Howard also lead the team with 4 assists. Marquette only has a few more games until March Madness, which I am excited for.
The Milwaukee Bucks faced the Sacramento Kings. The game was a very high scoring game, but the Bucks came out with a 141-140 victory. E. Bledsoe lead the Bucks with 26 points, 12 rebounds, and also lead the Bucks with 13 assists. This was a game that Bledsoe played very well in and also got a triple double. Heres the highlights to the game:

The Milwaukee Brewers played the Indians and lost 6-1. A. Wojciechowski got the win and T. Supak got the loss.


Wisconsin Badgers women’s basketball team lost to Ohio State 50-61. M. Howard lead the Badgers with 15 points, I. Lewis lead the Badgers with 9 rebounds. K. Karlis lead the Badgers with 4 assists.

The Milwaukee Brewers Beat the Reds 10-8. M. Sanchez with the win, B. Pinnegan got the loss and the save from N. Griep.


Marquette’s womens basketball team lost to Creighton 65-71. N. Hiedeman lead the Golden Eagles with 22 point, D. King lead them with 10 rebounds and N. Hiedeman also lead them with 5 assists.
The Milwaukee Bucks faced the Los Angeles Lakers. It was a very good game to watch, but the Bucks came out with a 131-120 victory. The Bucks ended the game strong to secure the win. E. Bledsoe lead the Bucks with a season high 31 points, Giannis lead the bucks with 15 rebounds, and K. Middleton lead the Bucks with 6 assists. The day that the Bucks had agreed to a 4 year contract extension with E. Bledsoe, he goes off and has his best performance of the season. Here is a video of the best highlights of the game:

The Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Mariners 7-3. J. Sheffield got the win, and C. Burns got the loss.


Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team defeated Penn State 61-57. B. Pritzl lead the Badgers with 17 points, N. Reuvers lead the Badgers with 9 rebounds. E. Happ lead the Badgers with 5 assists.
The Milwaukee Bucks faced the Utah Jazz. Unfortunately, the Bucks 7 game winning streak is snapped with a 111-115 loss to the Jazz. Giannis lead the Bucks with 43 points, 14 rebounds, and with 8 assists. D. Mitchell had an unbelievable game and scored a career high 46 points. Here is a video of the best highlights of the game:

The Milwaukee Brewers beat the Chicago Cubs 7-4. Z. Davies got the win, M. Carasiti with the loss and J. Jackson with the save.

Adam Thompson

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