The majority of my internship was research and analyzation of competitors communication strategies, but I also had to regularly create content. Here is are some of the projects and social media post I have created in my previous positions and also work submitted for courses at school.

This was part of Car Wash Car-e-oke social media campaign meant to increase traffic to the Rocket Wash Facebook page. The Car Wash Car-e-oke campaign videos have amassed the most views and interactions of any other post on the Rocket Wash Facebook page to date.

Here are some social media posts that were posted to update the Instagram and Facebook pages of The Dish restaurant in Racine, WI.

These infographics were created for a blood donation campaign for the Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin to incentivize parents of young children to donate blood.

This was a fictional campaign poster created for Kellogg’s to target children to be more active. This campaign was designed to generate video submissions of young athlete practicing their sport with the incentive of winning a year-long supply of Frosted Flakes.