I am Luke Willkomm, a current senior studying Public Relations at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. I am passionate about the continual pursuit of becoming a PR professional.


With a love of coffee and a passion for learning, what I lack in experience I make up for in grit and determination. I keep a fierce focus on school, but I always make sure to give back to my local community through volunteering for neighborhood clean up projects, cabin counseling for youth, and playing for my church worship team. I wasn’t always on the route to become a PR professional and spent my earliest jobs working in maintenance for a local small business. Through years of working with my hands, I discovered my passion to help other through my work. I have found that with each new course I take and the work I’ve experience in PR, representing an organization to the public stays to the core of my mission to help others with my work.

I can be contacted at 262.748.7385 and willkommluke@gmail.com