In Honor of spooky season, I thought I would show you a couple different pictures of Halloween coffee art! And talk a little bit about coffee art.

Different Styles of Art

Coffee art is made of milk coffee and microfoam. You create the art by either using the free pour method or the etching method, or a combination of both. The free pour method is exactly what it sounds like free pouring. You simply pour your frothy foamy milk into a shot of espresso and use your hands to manipulate the way the foam is poured. Etching is when you use an etching stick to pull the foam around to create a picture within the coffee. Then there is 3D coffee art. Which is a mix between etching and pouring. You use milk foam, chocolate, and food coloring to create the art. All of the styles require patients and practice.

A Little Bit of History

Coffee Art In America, began in Seattle sometime between the ’80s and ’90s. By a man named David Shummor. He introduced the Us to the idea, by creating the rosette pattern and the signature heart pattern.

The Patterns

The heart, the rosetta, and the tulip are the three most basic forms of latte art. It is said that once you master those three you can start to create more advanced latte art. But it is not something you can learn overnight. You have to practice your pour.

Where to Find Coffee Art!?

I oftentimes see it at local coffee shops. I have never seen it at a Starbucks. So if you want to see truly amazing coffee art I recommend going to your local shop. You can also find coffee art at your local stone creek coffee. I almost always get coffee from there with some type of coffee art in my cup! So go support your local coffee shops, my coffee lovers! That’s all for now!