Curriculum and Instruction in the Middle School, CI484, at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Wonderful job of reminding me that I need to have an open mind and take a risk. This class has really made me reflect on my teaching. Thank you for reminding me of what is important.

Thanks for making this a philosophical, reflective class for me. At first, I didn’t get it. I wanted answers so I could be technically correct. They weren’t there. It took me weeks to actually break through in my mind about how the class was going. Only then did I start enjoying it. I loved your way to question the readings. I usually read for face value. You had me reading for both sides, and see the humor in the face value. Thanks for everything and good luck.

You did a great job with the class. You made us think about issues and concepts that I’m sure most of us never thought about. You also brought a lot of terrific ideas that you have done in the classroom – that was very cool. It inspired me to do more project based things to promote learning in students.

The class was very good at creating an open conversation about various issues. I’m glad it didn’t propose a singular curriculum and allowed for our own opinions.

Thank you for forcing us to think and respecting us as humans. The sharing will guide me to become an improved educator.

Wade does a great job with the class. He doesn’t tell you the right way to do things, he only gives you options.

Initially I was hesitant about the social justice direction of this course. Now, I feel that the focus was exactly what I needed to refocus my energies. It’s not what we teach as much as how we teach it. I’m not going to hide the curriculum so much anymore. You were a very respectful instructor. Sometimes you were a bit too patient with the adult learners, but again you were respectful. I think any students you teach are extremely lucky to have you. Your passion makes you an asset to our students. Keep up the good work. I love the A-B options.

Digital Applications and Technologies for Elementary Teachers, EDU203 at Finlandia University

Made me look at technology from a teacher’s perspective.

Before this class I never thought about how I would implement technology into my classroom.

Made me realize that technology now more than ever needs to be a part of the classroom.

This class really made you think outside of the box.

Helped me integrate technology into the lessons.

Opened my eyes to teach in different ways.

Math and Math Methods for Elementary Teachers, MAT155/156, EDU303 at Finlandia University

I don’t hate math anymore, and I’m glad that I’m relearning new ways to think about math.

Definitely made me have to think, even though I didn’t want to. I might enjoy math a little more now.

I really enjoyed how this class was taught. We worked together as a group to learn and I think we all benefited from this environment.

Made me think about why 2+2=4, not just that 2+2=4.

This course has opened my eyes to how challenge math can be. It also shows why I need to know the math.

Made me go back and re-learn everything in the simplest ways.

Made me think critically on why we do math problems a certain way.

Breaks the methods we use down and makes you think like the student.

Math doesn’t completely suck.

The world needs more understanding of the logical processes behind math.

Made me think about why, instead of how.

Makes me think more critically about the simplest problems.

Opened my mind.

Makes me realize there are more than one way to do things involving math.

Just opened more insights on ways to teach math. Taught me methods that I’ve never used or seen before.

I love that we were able to learn a lot about math manipulatives.

It makes you think.

I still have math anxiety, but not as bad.

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