UWW Undergraduate Research Program a 2015 CUR AURA Finalist

In 2015, UW-Whitewater was named as a finalist in consideration of receiving a campus wide award given by CUR, the Council on Undergraduate Research.

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The Award for Undergraduate Research Accomplishments, or AURA, recognizes Universities and Colleges that have displayed excellence in their Undergraduate Research (UR) Programs. The award looks for UR programs that provide high quality research experiences to undergraduates, including characteristics such as innovativeness and commitment.

Here at UWW, our Undergraduate Research Program (URP) works with all students interested in completing a research project, with the guidance of a faculty mentor. There are many professors on campus conducting research in various fields, making it easy for students to find the perfect mentor for their goals. If their project is selected, students receive a grant to use towards their research efforts. URP takes pride in funding these students and making sure they receive all the assistance that they need regarding their projects.

Of all the applications received by CUR, only eighteen were invited to submit a full portfolio and a finalist application. These eighteen schools were divided into three categories, depending on the type of institution and what degrees they grant.

UWW’s Undergraduate Research Program was recognized as a finalist in the Baccalaureate Degree granting category, along with five other institutions, making UWW’s UR program among the top six programs nationwide.

Although UWW did not win this award, being a finalist is still quite the accomplishment. This nomination hopes to bring more students interested in research to the UWW campus, as well as urge current students and researchers to showcase their accomplishments made through the program.

If you or anyone you know is interested in research, UWW is among the best in the nation and our program will provide all the help and support needed to successfully participate in Undergraduate Research.

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