About RAP

The Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP) provides eligible students with a paid research opportunity to assist faculty/staff mentors with their research agenda.  This opportunity is open for first-and second-year students at UWW, or transfer students with a maximum of 72 transferred credits, or returning non-traditional students. International exchange students are also eligible to participate in RAP.

As a student researcher, you have the opportunity to advance your research skills outside the classroom by working closely with a professor on a research project. As a research assistant, you will be exposed to the types of data, tools, and discipline-specific methods used to perform research by professors, who are acknowledged leaders in their disciplines. You will apply your knowledge to real-world situations, learn collaboration and teamwork, and in general learn problem-solving and communication skills that employers highly value for workplace success.

On this blog you can find the latest news regarding the program, as well as interesting posts highlighting the research efforts of some of our student researchers.

For more information about RAP, please visit us at www.uww.edu/urp/rap.

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