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Looking to Become a Yogi?

The practice of yoga can be very intimidating when you first try to get into it. The terms are unfamiliar, the poses are foreign and maybe, you’re not very flexible. All of those thoughts are things that could scare people away. The most important thing to do is get comfortable with yourself. When I began practicing yoga, I started out in the comfort and privacy of my own home. There are so many great videos on Youtube that are completely free and targeted to help beginners ease into yoga. This is great way to begin to learn different names of poses and start to understand the terminology used in class. I would suggest doing free yoga videos online before you commit to paying full price to go to a studio. This makes the transition from home practice to the studio much more natural and less intimidating. Maybe you are wondering why leave the comfort of your home? It is easy to think you are doing things correctly and properly when no one is watching or critiquing your form. The benefits of going into the studio is that instructors will be able to adjust your form, give words of advice, and help you to get more out of your practice. It also allows you to truly tap into your zen when you are fully immersed into the workout by being in a space that is meant only for yoga, opposed to your bedroom or living room that is full of distractions. I think gaining your own knowledge before fully jumping into the studio is the key to beginning yoga. I will link some Youtubers that do a great job of beginners yoga videos below!

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