PC: Joshua Kitzke

Okay, so I’ve wanted to do a photo shoot since the beginning of the year and it just really never worked out. BUT, Monday was the day friends and it was super quick. The light was just right and I got some great photos out of it. I edited one of them just to play with the colors and I think I did a pretty good job. Since then I showed my teammates and we’re all going to do a Senior Forensics shoot and I’m can’t wait. Since last year I just wanted a really cool picture like this and we took some at NFA and they were FIRE. So, I figured I could have a few pictures and slay my entire resistance too!

First Tournament, Down and out!

Well, this weekend we went to MVCC and it was amazing! Mind you it took about three hours there and two hours back. We took second place as a whole team and I walked away with two awards myself. Normally, the first tournament is filled with nerves and crazy emotions but, remember drinking water, breathe and have confidence that you got this far you can do anything you put your mind too!

#teamlove #firstcompselfie #WEslay
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On the Move and I’m still alive

Well, this Saturday we go to our first competition. The biggest thing for me is packing. I literally pack a week in advance just because, I want to be extremely through. Basically, I need two suits, my black book, cough drops, water bottle and back up of everything else. When traveling a series of things could could wrong. Books breaking, buttons falling off, zippers catching in the clothes. All in, I’m always along for the ride because THIS activity is something that keeps me going and it pushes me to do better. Regardless, of the minor traveling experimenters.

What is my life!?

So, were a week out from competition and normally I would say I’m super prepared but… the truth of the matter is the struggle is real. Forensics is an activity that I love so much and as it goes hand and hand with school work it’s like a balancing act. We start in a WEEK and i’m already tired. In the mist of trying to prepare I have to stay focused on school work while trying to take care of my body. Do you think I’m doing that okay, yea no, that’s going to be a hard pass.Things to keep in mind pre-season:

  1. drink water
  2. get tons of sleep
  3. practice
  4. don’t loose you’re mind
  5. try not to set anyone on fire

In the mean mean time I’ll continue to #slay my life and keep it together.


First Pitch for Spreading the Love

So, a few weeks ago I posted on facebook my pitch to the Forensics community. It actually went really well! I tagged everyone that I could think of for the most part and asked the to use the hashtag and share. (spread the love) See below:

Hey, everyone as the season starts up I have a mission for you guys! This season I want to challenge you to use the hashtag #ForensicsLove. As I started college speech last year I really didn’t know anyone. It took me until NFA of Spring 2017 to get my foot wet and really branch out and start talking to people. As the season starts I would like you guys to use #ForensicsLove when meeting new people on the circuit, practices, team interactions, tournaments and just candid moments throughout the season using the hashtag as students, alumni and coaches! Please like and share to spread the word! #Forensicslove


 After my post and being that the season is just starting I realized that it is going to take a while to get people to start using the hashtag. I now every time I see a photo or post I just write #Forensicslove and the response or reaction is always with a like or in most cases a heart! So, so far it’s off to a great start!