How to Apply and Get the most of What You Need for Your College Experience

Day to Day

  • Jim Disrude doesn’t necessarily have a typical day he probably has more of a typical week or typical month, but every day is a little bit different. So, his job duty is the advising coordinator for the College of Arts and communication, meaning I essentially oversee the day to day advising that happens through our, through our college. Thinking the most common functions is meet with students. You know, I’ll meet with a couple of students typically every day. Another common thing is Disrude does a lot have of is various administrative meetings, whether they be within our college. Including meetings where we’re partnering and working with other departments or other areas.

Personal Experiences

  • As a current college student and a different University in Arizona while going to school here, I think it has made him more sympathetic to especially our transfer students because I know how I know firsthand just right now how difficult it is to all of a sudden it would be dropped in kind of a fish out of water at a different university. If you have a question about something like course schedules, what’s going to be offered future terms or holds or I’m a financial aid question or something along those lines. It can feel overwhelming with where do I find this information?  Image result for personal experience
  • It can be frustrating on the advising side sometimes when you know where all of these resources are and you’re part of is you want your students to go find those resources. They perceive it. Sometimes they don’t, they don’t take that initiative but understood. But as a student, understanding that much more about taking all the initiative, but it can still feel overwhelming to find the right information and if you’re not using it as intimately as, as an employee at a university does.
  • Disrude’s dissertation actually isn’t built around identity formation, which is the idea that when a traditional-age college student comes to campus at 18,19 years. They’re going through the real estate of role confusion there, trying to figure out, you know, not only who am I as a person, but where do I want to go in life. And also to add that at that time, the role confusion aspect is what they want to do might be different than what their family wants to do or what the societal norms are that they should do.

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  • Whitewater ethnic identity would suggest that somebody who comes, who goes from a situation where they are overwhelmingly part of the majority. And then they come to a university like white water where they’re overwhelmingly part to the minority that that transition can be.
  • . So if you picture somebody who goes from a school where it is ethnically homogenous, meaning, you know, 70, 80, 90 percent of their student body with non white and then it comes here where you’re part of 18 percent of the student body that is now not a white couple that with experiencing either directly experiencing an act of discrimination and prejudice or witnessing it, how that control to even more of this identity crisis if you will.
  • Regardless of race and ethnicity, exploration and that dissertation that has made me especially more aware of how much of a crisis point that can be for first-year students. I’m trying to figure out really where they’re going and wasn’t what they’re doing in life. We know that’s a struggle for all students, but you know, it’s especially a struggle oftentimes for students that are transitioning in such an environmental change.

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Top things to Takeaways:


  1. As a student, you learned as a student is having a willingness to raise your hand and ask for help whenever you need to. embrace it as you need. Um, the, um, um,
  2. Find time to take care of yourself, especially in graduate school. It’s very easy to burn out. Work, life balance is impossible. Work-life harmony is the key to making life easier.
  3. Don’t’ feed into the negatives obviously stress but anxiety and depression and poor wellbeing and so on a breakaway from those things.
  4. Realize the breaking points along the way, but really take time to really pat yourself on the back and realize what you’re doing is unique.
  5. No one else is the author but you.
  6. Always, always network.
  7. So can you get to some statewide or regional or national conferences? A lot of times there’s funding for those kinds of things for graduate students.
  8. Take advantages of resources by going to conferences or workshops. Also getting business cards along the way and getting to know people and then connecting with them afterward on LinkedIn or following up with an email.
  9. Seek out opportunities if it’s just transcribing interviews or something like that that makes you the fifth author on or getting onto a poster presentation.
  10. Create multiple sources to support even outside of work and schooling.Image result for top ten list


They always say time is of the essence. Well it is in most cases this year… Last year I did a category called Program Oral interpretation  and it was life changing.This year we are adding a new category and here is the news:



I am so happy to announce that my proposal to add POI to NFA’s list of events was approved this morning.

This would not have been possible without Megan’s undying support for me and this proposal. Seriously, she is the best.

Thank you to all the schools who voted, I am so excited every school going to NFA will have another event to spread awareness and advocate with. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful performances that come from this!❤️

Break Post Season


Y’all I love my team but school has been kicking my butt. Like the struggle has been real. This season has been great and being that it is my last year I wanted to make sure I was able to got to as my tournaments as possible. Being that I won’t be able to do this again as a competitor a break is much needed at this point.


California Part 1

Okay, so mind you that I’ve only been on a plane one other time before this trip but the experience was just as amazing. I’ve also never been on the west coast, touched an ocean and seen palm trees in person. The thing that killed me though was when we started something the weather was like high 60’s and they were wearing winter coats. Like, I don’t understand whatsoever. But, the good thing about about the trip was we had basically a whole day to settle in and then go the whole day. In general the whole day was great, we won as a whole team and took away some tournament champions. Nothing out of the ordinary happened and they had snacks for us before awards and let me tell you….it was life changing.


My Forensics Career stared back in high school and I was an interpreter then and I still am now. There was one time that a did a four minute and it was a good one too! It was on how pinterest was created, when it started and how it has changed crafting and online scrap booking. It was a great speech however, I was just too nervous and it just didn’t do well. Now, as a college student there has been so much growth I can now look back at that event and laugh instead of crying. I’m still trying some speeches without a black book but, I will always have the black book.

Stay Awake When You Have Nothing to Do All Day!!

So, this tournament we are at this weekend is Norton! It’s basically like the fall version of Nationals and it super competitive. The good news is because I made efforts to talk to people I didn’t know last year, I know waaaayyyy mmoooree people this weekend. I mean teams come from all over the place so, this one is a pretty big deal. Note: I also haven’t had a performance yet at this weekend mine is the last one of tonight and tomorrow morning so, I ‘m sitting twiddling my thumbs and drinking caffeine. 3 cups to be exact and that is not a good thing. It’s actually put me more on edge. Pro-tip…….NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. So, socialize, drink caffeine and stay awake so far so good but, I need a nap.


Here is a picture of a person smiling.


Make one new friend? No Problem!

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All in all it was a good weekend. We ate at Macs and it wasn’t bad even through the Doctor says I have the Lactose. Face masks are always a must simply because, it’s like my mini vacation. Plus it helps me de-stress from the week or at least my face. So, I also do one of those for at least one of the days. During the tournament I try not to be on my phone just because I try to make a new friend or at least compliment. I was introduced to this lovely girl named Alyssa. I watched her in her duo round ans then she happened to be in my dramatic interpretation round and it was great to get introduced to her. I explained her the whole media pitch and she loved it. Second tournament in the bag!

What is my life!?

So, were a week out from competition and normally I would say I’m super prepared but… the truth of the matter is the struggle is real. Forensics is an activity that I love so much and as it goes hand and hand with school work it’s like a balancing act. We start in a WEEK and i’m already tired. In the mist of trying to prepare I have to stay focused on school work while trying to take care of my body. Do you think I’m doing that okay, yea no, that’s going to be a hard pass.Things to keep in mind pre-season:

  1. drink water
  2. get tons of sleep
  3. practice
  4. don’t loose you’re mind
  5. try not to set anyone on fire

In the mean mean time I’ll continue to #slay my life and keep it together.


First Pitch for Spreading the Love

So, a few weeks ago I posted on facebook my pitch to the Forensics community. It actually went really well! I tagged everyone that I could think of for the most part and asked the to use the hashtag and share. (spread the love) See below:

Hey, everyone as the season starts up I have a mission for you guys! This season I want to challenge you to use the hashtag #ForensicsLove. As I started college speech last year I really didn’t know anyone. It took me until NFA of Spring 2017 to get my foot wet and really branch out and start talking to people. As the season starts I would like you guys to use #ForensicsLove when meeting new people on the circuit, practices, team interactions, tournaments and just candid moments throughout the season using the hashtag as students, alumni and coaches! Please like and share to spread the word! #Forensicslove


 After my post and being that the season is just starting I realized that it is going to take a while to get people to start using the hashtag. I now every time I see a photo or post I just write #Forensicslove and the response or reaction is always with a like or in most cases a heart! So, so far it’s off to a great start!