First Pitch for Spreading the Love

So, a few weeks ago I posted on facebook my pitch to the Forensics community. It actually went really well! I tagged everyone that I could think of for the most part and asked the to use the hashtag and share. (spread the love) See below:

Hey, everyone as the season starts up I have a mission for you guys! This season I want to challenge you to use the hashtag¬†#ForensicsLove. As I started college speech last year I really didn’t know anyone. It took me until NFA of Spring 2017 to get my foot wet and really branch out and start talking to people. As the season starts I would like you guys to use #ForensicsLove when meeting new people on the circuit, practices, team interactions, tournaments and just candid moments throughout the season using the hashtag as students, alumni and coaches! Please like and share to spread the word! #Forensicslove


¬†After my post and being that the season is just starting I realized that it is going to take a while to get people to start using the hashtag. I now every time I see a photo or post I just write #Forensicslove and the response or reaction is always with a like or in most cases a heart! So, so far it’s off to a great start!

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