Casting Brown Trout

Brown Trout Basics

Brown trout fishing has always been one of my favorite fish to target while casting. Brown trout have a reputation of being a difficult fish to catch but can also be the most rewarding. When targeting brown trout it’s important to keep in mind that these fish rely heavily on sight and smell. When fishing for any trout species downsizing tackle and lure presentations can make a huge difference. Trout can be extremely finicky to bite; therefore finesse fishing can be key to efficiently catching these specimens.

Crank baits

When it comes to catching these fish during the open water season, presentations may vary slightly. Brown trout can be an aggressive species that being said don’t shy away from larger lures. Once the ice melts, trout are on the prowl to stock back up for the summer months. Look to catch trout in local harbors early spring. One of my favorite ways to catch these fish casting is with flicker shad crank bait. This tight wobbling crank bait tends to drive the fish crazy and trout seem to crush them. I like to cast my crank baits on 14LB braid connected to 10LB fluorocarbon leader. Braid allows me to get my bait down to the fish and in the strike zone longer. I like to fish my crank baits with a slow retrieve close to the bottom. When fishing a crank bait its important to change up the retrieve by creating a “different” action to the bait.


Another one of my favorite options for targeting open water trout is jigging. Jigging has proven to be one of the most effective techniques for consistently catching big browns. A jig acts as an extremely versatile tool during all seasons of the year, especially open water. I like to rig up a half ounce darter head lead jig tipped with a Berkley four inch pearl white gulp minnow. Trout fine the tantalizing action of this plastic to be irresistible most of the time. I will fish this bait on a similar rig as my crank baits, 14LB braid to a 10LB fluorocarbon leader. It’s also critical to use a long rod with a soft tip that can absorb the head shakes of these fish. Always remember proper fish handling skills when fishing brown trout.



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