Spring Fishing Preparations

As the days start to get longer and the weather slowly starts to worm during late March and into April, it’s time to start preparing for the open water season. There is always that exciting feeling to get back on the boat and start casting again. Ever since I can remember I’ve always counted down the days to get back on the open water and catch fish. Around mid-April is usually the time when I get my boat out of storage and ready to go for the spring season. Being a competitive bass angler and fishing guide its critical to have my boat prepared and ready to go for the next outing. This is the time of year to start gearing up all of the open water rods along with replacing old line onto my spools.

Generally, I will spend a day fine-tuning all of my equipment and changing out reels to rods. A wise man once said the key to success is when preparation meets opportunity. I like to have all of my open water equipment rigged and ready to go a few weeks in advance to stay ahead of the game. Another important factor to consider when preparing for the open water season is tackle. Tackle is potentially the most important factor to fishing. It’s key to keep your tackle organized and sharp before hitting the water. After keeping tackle stored all winter in boxes and storage areas it’s not a bad idea to clean and throw out the old and in with the new. I like to separate my tackle boxes depending on both the style of bait and species of fish that I am after. One thing I will do is use tape to identify which box is for what. This allows me to quickly grab the box I need when I’m on the water and in a crunch for time.

It’s never a bad idea to look over your reels after a long winter as well. Dust and other particles tend to build up inside of the reels during the winter months affecting the potential of the reel. I like to oil my reel gears and clean the interior before spring use. Last but not least make sure you have the proper clothing for springtime fishing. As we all know spring fishing can present some unpredictable weather changes from rain to snow. I like to carry a rain jacket with me along with a pair of waterproof shoes just to be safe. Spring can present some of the best fishing opportunities of the year, being prepared can make all of the difference in the world when you make that first cast.

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