King’s Quest: A New Concept

One of King’s Quest’s biggest features, Talents, have been around since the creation of the system. Like I have explained in a previous post. They enable a player’s creativity by allowing players to create their own abilities for their character. It’s especially cool to see a player use their talents along side other player’s talents, allowing two character to synergize making their combative experience all the more fun. Today I will be going over a new feature that I plan to integrate into talents called Bond Talents. This feature allows players to gain an additional set of Talents that can only be unlocked by player character’s interacting and bonding. A reward given by the DM for their interaction and participation with other players.

The Concept: The idea was that when two player characters reach a certain threshold of trust, respect, of care for one another that they will be allowed to use their bond talent. This ability combines both aesthetics’ and talent themes of both characters to create a unique ability that can be used 1 time per-session if both players agree to use it.

It’s a simple concept that will require a lot of work and consideration before it makes it’s debut in the system, but I think if done right it could change the entire game. I’d love to hear feedback on this concept, so please feel free to leave some in the comments below! Thank you and have a great weekend!

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