King’s Quest: Survival Mechanics

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve made a blog post, I apologize for that, but I’m back now to tell you more about the King’s Quest System, surprise!! Today’s topic is survival mechanics. Almost all RPGs have some form of survival mechanics, looking at the big boss of RPGs 5e Dungeons and Dragons, players are required to eat and drink regularly to avoid gain status affects that can de-buff their characters. These mechanics’ add a new level of difficulty to every campaign and because I wanted another way to take down the already powerful players, I invested time into making the Food & Hydration Mechanics. Using the FITness system, I can punish the players for not eating a single ration a day. Players who do not eat will gain 1 level of fatigue for every day they do not. However, consuming food of any kind will remove this fatigue. Water works a little different, players of different sizes will be required to drink more water. Your character’s weight determined how many “sips” you are required to consume in a day. Players can buy flasks to carry with them to hold water but will have to refill eventually, but can do so at any water source or when within a civilized area like a town or city. Not consuming water will cause them to also gain fatigue just like with not consuming rations.

There it is though, the main survival mechanic’s for King’s Quest. The idea was to draw concerns to not only the monsters players are to face but also to the environment they traverse.

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