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Sustainability Coordinator

Hello UW-Whitewater Community!

My name is Wesley Enterline and I am the first Sustainability Coordinator for our campus.  I have been a UW-W student for seven years total and for the last two years as the part-time Sustainability Coordinator.  I am pleased to announce that the Sustainability Coordinator position has been established as a full-time, permanent position!  I look forward to continuing my work with the campus to advance our sustainability goals!  Check back to this blog regularly to get articles pertinent to campus sustainability.

Please visit the UW-Whitewater Sustainability site for more information on sustainability in academics, operations and individual involvement and participation.    You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with sustainability developments on campus.  We also want to hear from you!  Visit our Sustainability Wiki to add your information on sustainability efforts or research and sign up for our Sustainability Listserv by sending the subscription command for sustainability-l@listmanager.uww.edu.  Finally, you can contact me via email at sustainability@uww.edu or call my office at 472-6709 to discuss anything directly!