Spring 2021: Sustainability campaigns & New platforms

As winter snowfalls surge and the pandemic drags on, boredom, anxiety and isolation continue to dictate many aspects of our lives. We’ve baked our banana bread and streamed endless TV shows all while navigating a strange election and instances of social injustice. 2020 was a year of coping and adaptation as many of us felt unsure, afraid, and even a little lost. Generally, the Sustainability Office serves as a tool to improve the education and awareness of environmental sustainability issues, but we’re taking that a step further this semester.

In honor of Black History Month, we have dedicated the month of February to a campaign surrounding environmental racism and social justice issues facing the Black community and other people of color. During March, we will conduct another campaign dedicated to women in sustainability to recognize the inspiring women who play a huge role in environmental advocacy. Finally, the month of April is designated to Earth Month! Last years’s Earth Day (the 50th anniversary) was overshadowed by other global trepidations, so this year’s April is dedicated to virtual resources and education surrounding the important day. Featuring various resources and perspectives, these campaigns aim to expand the conversation surrounding intersectional sustainability. Stayed tune to hear from our other interns as they offer their own perspectives through future individual blog posts.

Educational campaigns aren’t the only new development coming to the Sustainability Office this semester. Introducing…our new TikTok account and a Podcast! TikTok is a social media platform consisting of one-minute long videos. Find us on TikTok (@uwwsustainability) for sustainable living tips and office updates. If you listen to podcasts and you’re interested in all things sustainability…we’ve got the perfect one for you! “the consciously powerful” dives deep into environmental advocacy from lifestyle choices to intersectional feminism. It’s available on both Spotify and Anchor; stay tuned for episode drops on Fridays!

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