Earth Week Recap!

Earth Week Recap

UW-Whitewater’s Earth Week 2013 has come to an end with very successful results! We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the week long celebration to support sustainability and environmental protection. Numerous events took place throughout the week which encouraged students, faculty, and community members to make a difference and really understand how important sustainability is to our local community and each community on Earth!

Here ‘s a recap of some of the Earth Week events:

Photo and Video Contest

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Earth week Photo and Video Contest! During the Recyclable Fashion Show all the beautiful pictures submitted were able to be viewed on the big screen in Hyland Hall. They attracted a huge crowd!

Earth Week Tabling

April 22-24th, 2013

The UW-Whitewater Earth Initiative hosted a table at three locations on the campus. We had a table at the University Center, Hyland Hall, and Esker Dining Hall. The tabling event consisted of informing students about the UW-Whitewater Earth Initiative as well as to play “Race to Recycle.” The Race to Recycle game was a crowd favorite to help the students actively engage in common items that are mistakenly recycled on a daily basis. This was able to reach students as well as faculty. Overall, there 80 water bottles given away throughout the duration of all the tabling events. The tabling achieved communication and participation between UW-Whitewater students and faculty, created awareness of common recyclable mistakes, and made recycling accessible and easier to understand for students, in a fun and creative way!

The Chancellor even stopped by and won a water bottle by participating in Race to Recycle. Hopefully he will start using the water bottle more so that students as well as faculty have more exposure to the UW-Whitewater Earth Initiative!

Recyclable Fashion Show

April 24th, 2013

The UW-Whitewater Earth Initiative hosted an All Campus Recyclable Fashion Show on April 24th. Prior to the event, there was a recycle drive to gather enough materials for the students to use and then they were given 30 minutes to construct an outfit and then were judged by three “celebrity judges” in several different categories. Overall, there were 8 teams, consisting of 5-7 people on each team. The participants were given a UW-Whitewater Earth Initiative water bottle. The winners of the competition were given the Geo Location of the trees that were planted by “Treenewal” which is being done by CEO. There were a total of five trees donated to the winners. In the end, 20 large trash bags of recyclable materials were also able to be recycled. This event actively engaged students in the practices of recycling while at the same time helped to create relationships between several organizations on campus!

Make-A-Difference Day

April 26th, 2013

This not only involved campus involvement but community participation as well! Some of the main goals of Make-A-Difference Day include developing brand awareness and increasing student engagement.

Do-One-Thing Pledge “Sustainability Wall”

April 22-24th, 2013

The Sustainability wall encouraged students to pledge one thing they would do from now on in order to be more sustainable here on the UW-Whitewater campus. The premise of this activity was to encourage students to become more aware of what they can do to be more sustainable. The Chancellor was even able to stop by and sign the wall! Students could either actively participate, by signing the wall and taking the pledge, or passively participate, by seeing the wall in the UC and Hyland.

Movie “YERT”

April 25th, 2013

The ecological movie “YERT” (Your Environmental Road Trip) is a movie about three friends who hit the road with the goal of using the least amount of garbage possible. On Thursday, April 25th it was shown in Summer’s Auditorium at the University Center. Participants were sure to have gotten some laughs throughout the movie while learning some great waste reducing tips.

Thank you for joining the Conservation Conversation!

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