Recycling Rumors Around Campus

Do you really think the recycling on campus gets recycled? I heard the garbage and recycling just goes to the same place anyways…

 Have you ever heard a friend or fellow student say something like the statement above? My guess is yes. These rumors have been circulating around UW-Whitewater for quite some time. Many students believe the recycling bins around campus and other sustainability efforts are just for show, and that the university does it just to promote being sustainable even though they aren’t. Even students living off campus are sometimes suspicious as to whether or not recycling is even worth it. Whitewater, being a relatively small college town, seems susceptible to such false accusations.

To get the truth of the matter, I contacted John’s Disposal Service and asked them directly if collected garbage and recycling is separated, or if these rumors may have any merit.

Brent Flikkema, Sales Manager at John’s Disposal had this to say:

 I can absolutely and unequivocally state that this rumor is false!  Here is why!

1.) Separate trucks pickup the recycle dumpsters full of recycling.  It would not make sense to take this to the landfill when our recycling sorting facility is right here in Whitewater.

 2.) Johns must pay for the garbage that is brought to landfills by our garbage truck.  Because of that, our driver(s) and our company are very proactive in trying to reduce the amount of recycling that ends up in the garbage.

3.) Johns has been recycling as a company for many years…long before the recycle laws were put in place.  Our ‘single-stream’ recycle program is one of the most inclusive in the state.

4.) The materials that we collect from the University are sorted, baled and shipped all over the world to be used in making more consumer products. 

 I appreciate all the help in getting the rumors stopped and also to encourage everyone to recycle properly.

Please start spreading the rumor that there is still a lot of recycling in the garbage bags that people are throwing in the garbage.  This is actually true and would make a big difference in our landfills if it could be corrected.

It is clear that rumors about dumping all trash collected into the same area are false! Point number two really helps you understand that John’s Disposal is set to profit more when they have less recycling disposed of in their garbage, which in turn is incentive to promote recycling.

Make sure to keep recycling and encourage other to do the same!

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