• Courses

    Public Relations Tactics II

    Public Relations Tactics II is one of my final courses for completing my public relations major for the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. One of the assignments for this course was to write a research essay. I chose to write my essay on the impact social media has had on public relations. If you would like to read my essay, you can access it here: file:///C:/Users/steph/Desktop/FinalResearchPaperStephanieLutz.pdf  

  • Whitewater Optimist Club

    Positive Messaging Campaign

    Another project that I was asked to help with is the Positive Messaging Campaign. The Whitewater Optimist Club and Whitewater High School teamed up together to create and paint positive messages in the school’s bathrooms. Many students have been bullied, or don’t have a good self-image. Depression and anxiety rates are raising very rapidly in our society. By having these positive messages in the high school, we’re hoping to shed a little light and positivity to the students and remind them that being themselves is all they need to be. The campaign isn’t quite finished yet. We will finish painting on May 3, 2019, and celebrate the grand revealing of…

  • Whitewater Optimist Club

    Optimist Club Trivia Night

    Every February the Whitewater Optimist Club hosts an annual Trivia Night. Trivia Night serves as a major fund raiser for the Optimist Club, and as with any major event, there is a lot of planning to go into it. My boss, Kim Adams, at the University Center is a member of the Optimist Club and is the lead coordinator for Trivia Night. This year, she asked me to be her “right-hand woman” to help her plan Trivia Night. I assisted with gathering donations, planning the trivia questions and the power point, coordinating the silent auction and the bucket raffle, and serving as a room host during the event. Trivia Night…

  • University Center

    SHRM Conference 2018

    In October of 2018, I had the opportunity to travel to Wisconsin Dells, representing the University Center and UW-Whitewater at the 2018 SHRM conference. At this conference we attended key note speaker sessions, break-out sessions, and a vendor fair. Although the conference is centered around Human Resources, as a public relations major, I still did learn many new things that will help me in my future job search once I graduate college. It was interesting to see the other side of the hiring process and to hear what employers are really looking for when hiring people. One of the most interesting break-out sessions I attended was a conversation about whether…

  • University Center

    End of Semester Reception

    Another event that the University Center puts on every semester is the End of Semester Reception. During this event, graduating and departing student employees are recognized for their hard work, there are games, acitvities, and prizes, and even awards such as “Friend of the UC”, “Student Spirit”, and “Staff Pride”. The UC also has a fundraiser for a pre-determined philanthropic cause, and a competition between the departments as to who can raise the most. As I mentioned before, part of my job is to help plan these events. The UC focuses a lot on student input in events like this, which is a refreshing feeling to actually be heard. The…

  • University Center

    Summer on the Mall

    In April of 2018 I started working at UW-Whitewater’s University Center as an Administrative Assistant. One of my main jobs is assisting with planning events for the University Center. Every summer, the UC hosts three “Summer on the Mall” events. These serve as pace changers for students, faculty, and staff that are on campus. There is food, games, prizes to win, arts and crafts, and live music. Planning these Summer on the Mall events are a lot of work. Factors like decorations, the menu, finding a band, making the games, and gathering prizes all play in to making the event. My role in particular was focuses on the games and…

  • Travels Around the World

    France 2014

    In 2014 I had the opportunity to travel to France as a part of a foreign exchange trip through my high school. I took French as a foreign language for a total of six years while in school, and have always loved the French culture. Traveling to France was always a dream of mine and I’m so grateful I was able to fulfill it. In France, we traveled to two different cities: Paris and Bordeaux. In Bordeaux our travel group split up and each student stayed with a different host family. My host brother’s name was Matthieu. I was nervous at first to “live” with a strange boy and his…

  • Travels Around the World

    Hong Kong – 2011 and 2012

    In 2011 and 2012 I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong with my church as a part of a mission team. While in Hong Kong, we stayed at a Lutheran School. We went in to the classrooms and talked to the students about our lives in America and they were free to ask as many questions as they liked. We also spent some time touring Hong Kong. We toured a Buddhist temple, went to “The Peak” which is a mountain/tourist attraction in Hong Kong. We even had the opportunity to have a traditional Hong Kong dinner at a student’s home, where we got to see how the people…