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End of Semester Reception

Another event that the University Center puts on every semester is the End of Semester Reception. During this event, graduating and departing student employees are recognized for their hard work, there are games, acitvities, and prizes, and even awards such as “Friend of the UC”, “Student Spirit”, and “Staff Pride”. The UC also has a fundraiser for a pre-determined philanthropic cause, and a competition between the departments as to who can raise the most.

As I mentioned before, part of my job is to help plan these events. The UC focuses a lot on student input in events like this, which is a refreshing feeling to actually be heard.

The photo below is from the December 2018 End of Semester Reception.

For the Spring 2019 End of Semester Reception, I had the pleasure and opportunity to coordinate the philanthropic cause for our event. For this semester, we had decided to raise funds for the Salisbury Idea. The Salisbury Idea is to plant one of every native tree to Wisconsin on the UW-Whitewater campus. President Salsibury who served UW-Whitewater from 1885-1891 was very passionate about nature and beautifying the campus through landscaping. For the Salisbury Idea, the UC coordinated with UWW Sustainability to plant three trees in the name of the UC. The University Center raised a toal of $650.00 when our goal was only $250.00! All the proceeds were presented to UWW Sustainability at our End of Semester Reception on May 1, 2019. I was very pleased with the way the fundraiser turned out and how the UC went above and beyond the expectations. On Make a Difference Day, which was April 26, 2019, the UC went out to the west drumlin and helped plant the trees we had raised the money for. It was an amazing experience to be able to help plant those trees, and knowing that I started the fundraiser and made it what it is made it even better.

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