Can Nets Win Title This Year?

On July 7th, 2019, the Brooklyn Nets signed Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. On September 30th, 2020, 2x NBA MVP and Hall of Fame player Steve Nash became the Nets new head coach. Then on January 14th, 2021, James Harden was traded to the Nets. These Nets stars have undeniable talent. Kyrie Irving is a 7x NBA All-Star player. Kevin Durant is an 11x NBA All-Star player, NBA MVP in 2014, and 2x NBA Finals MVP (2017 and 2018). James Harden is a 9x NBA All-Star player, NBA MVP in 2018, and finished in second place in MVP votes in 2019. Harden and Durant were reunited after being teammates for four years on the Oklahoma City Thunder. But Brooklyn now has their big three. Creating super teams in the NBA is a very good way to win championships. Many super teams in the past have won NBA titles. When this Nets team was formed some people were wondering if the chemistry between the three superstars would work out. This NBA regular season is just about halfway through, and Brooklyn is playing well. Irving, Durant, and Harden are all great scorers, and the Nets are the best offensive team in the league. But they are one of the worst defensive teams in the league. They still have half of the regular season remaining to improve on their defense though. Despite Brooklyn’s poor defense, this extremely talented team should win the NBA championship. They have three of the best players in the league on one team. With this star-studded team the time to win is now for the Nets. Personally I do think that the Nets can win the title this year. If this big three stays together, the Brooklyn Nets could become the next NBA dynasty.

Carson Wentz to Colts

In the 2017 NFL season Carson Wentz was playing great with the Philadelphia Eagles. As a starter the Eagles went 11-2 that year. Wentz had 33 passing touchdowns, and was selected to the Pro Bowl. He also finished in third place in the NFL MVP voting. Even though Wentz got injured and did not get a chance to play in the playoffs in the 2017 season, the Eagles won their first Super Bowl. The Eagles future looked very promising. Wentz was the future for this team as their next franchise quarterback. But the 2020 season was a disaster for the Eagles and Wentz. Wentz was benched after going 3-8-1. His 15 interceptions led the league. This was really Carson’s only bad season, and the Eagles were already looking towards other options. They turned to Jalen Hurts, who is a talented young quarterback. It did not seem like Wentz was happy with being a backup. So the Eagles traded him to the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts needed a new quarterback because Philip Rivers had just retired. Indianapolis gave the Eagles two draft picks to acquire Wentz. So the Colts did not lose much at all to get Carson. This will be a fresh start for Wentz. He now has the chance to prove that he can be the Colts next franchise quarterback. I think that Indianapolis made a wise decision to trade for Carson. Last season the Colts went 11-5 with Philip Rivers as their starting quarterback. They have a really good offensive line, and they have one of the best defenses in the league. I think that Indianapolis will make the playoffs this upcoming season, and Carson Wentz will play well. As for Philadelphia I think that they could have given Wentz another chance. But Jalen Hurts looked good last season, and he could be the next Eagles franchise quarterback. Only time will tell.